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This really is an honor. SVA Magazine asked me to be the first to ever show case their newest addition, the fourth magazine, and a cover with Josephine De La Baume. De La Baume is an IT girl with Tess Management London, and girlfriend of Mark Ronson. And for those of you that doesn’t know SVA Magazine, here’s a wee bit of information: SVA is a pure high fashion magazine. SVA keeps a close eye on Scandinavian fashion, photography, fashion in motion and design. It’s distributed internationally, and it’s a window from the north.

“Hailed as an it girl with a distinct sense of style, Josephine de La Baume divides her time between New York and Paris and leaves her mark wherever she goes. Good friends with Harley Viera-Newton, de La Baume stands on her own as both an actress and style icon. Josephine fill us in on her love of Rick Owens, Diane Lane, and a good pair of colored socks.”

The cover of this edition of the magazine. Beautiful, no? Beautiful dress, and great effects! I love how she looks at the camera, she’s kind of giving us a “dark” look? Perfect for the cover anyway. (Click image to enlarge)

Photo of De La Baume. Q: Would you be able to stand still on these stilettos at a shoot? She’s goooooood. I really love that they use these kinds of effects, it really makes the pictures more alive in a sense. I really LVoe this one! (Click image to enlarge)

I think this is my favorite picture. I can’t always tell why I like something, but there’s a great connection between it and the headline. I don’t know, it’s dark, but at the same time very loving. I love the angle. To me, this is a very strong picture. (Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

I can’t express my gratitude towards SVA for giving me the pictures, and for having me show them for the first time to the public. The shots are amazing, and I’d say they go with the headline, no? They are having their release party for this edition on friday, and I’m invited. Will I be there? Yes, and I’ll try to snap some shots, maybe even do a blog about it.

Photo: Svein Bringsdal, Styling: Amar Faiz, Makeup: Rikke Straus, Hair: Rodolfo Z


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I decided to take a dive into my archive of fashion photographies, and I’ve made a list of my favorites. They range from early 40′s to the 21st century. Take a look to see if you can see how photography has changed. Ohh, and the title. Well, after you’ve seen these pictures, you’ll agree that photography is art.

February 9, 1953, Florence, Italy. She is modeling an outfit my American fashion designer Irena Roublon.

If I’m not mistaken, this photo is from the 60′s. I love the water shaped like a heart.


1955. Model is wearing button-back skirt and sealskin slip-cover cape, with gloves and handbag, all by Balmain. So chic!

What do you think? What’s your favorite picture of these above?

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I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there. Are you having a hard time paying the bills, and shopping fashion at the same time? Let me tell you about something called a low-budget fashionista. Most of us, if not all, have been in a situation where the money just doesn’t go as far as we want it to. The problem as I see it, is that we still want to look presentable, no?

I’m a big fan of a blog called Street Etiquette. These two men manages to mix expensive labels with less expensive labels, f.ex Ralph Lauren with Uniqlo. The highs with the lows.


Click the image to see Street Etiquette.

The first step in the right direction, is to shop at these “big”-name shops like Hennes & Mauritz, Zara, Uniqlo and J. Crew. These stores imitate if you will, the same designs as the luxury brands, and for half the price or more, you can get an item looking the same, and in most cases you will. But be careful, these cheap clothes might not have the same fit. Mix and match, and you have a good outfit!

Which store does what best?

Uniqlo does slim-cut cotton suits and jackets; cashmere and merino wool sweaters in every imaginable color. J.Crew does plaid, chambray, and denim shirts. (Think weekend, not work.) Preppy American suits, updated for the cool guy. H&M does tapered dress shirts and smart suits for the office. Topman is for the young and trendy at heart, with a constantly replenished stock.

What are your other options?

Sample- and outlet sale! Just browse the newspaper or magazines for information on the next sample/outlet sale close to you. You can get a lot of clothes, the big brands, and a reduced price. I’ve seen price reductions as high as 70% on Ralph Lauren and Burberry. Just be there early, the small sizes disappear the fastest!


Here’s a sale calendar provided by GQ.


So kids, what did we learn today? Mix the highs with the lows, and you’ve got your own, personal style – on a budget!


Inspiration: GQ
Picture(s): GQ, Street Etiquette
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Ralph Lauren opens new flagship store for Europe. My initial thought was: OH MY GOD. Let me tell you, this is my kind of store. If every shopping experience could be like walking into a dream, because this really is the dream location, building, design and look at the interior! I’ve got some pictures from the opening celebration party as well.


The facade… I’m gobsmacked and lost for words.


The courtyard looks so lovely! It’s got that Ralph Lauren feeling, that feeling of elegance and aesthetics that I enjoy with Ralph Lauren.


Is this not the hall you would like to be received in any store? It is for me!


Women’s department. Can I move in?


How did my walk-in end up here? Haha


Sonia Rykiel was there to celebrate the opening. Her, alongside Grace’s hair, is amazing!


Gained some weight, Gerard? Well, no matter what, you used to be one of my favorite actors, but could you please dress up? Hello!


Carine was there! Well, of course she was, it is her city after all.


… and André took the time to attend! How could he not, someone has to be the epicenter of the party, right? You didn’t bring, Anna, André? Oh well.


Are you as gobsmacked as me? The venue is great, no?


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I can see it with my own eyes, summer is closing in by the second. The weather the past few days has been amazing, sunny and blue skies, with temperatures measuring close to 16 degrees celsius. I’m anxious to what the summer will bring, and in this excitement, I’m making the summer wardrobe ready!

What are you imagining will be the biggest trend this summer? What’s your favorite summer wear? Here’s a summary of some easy to get, plain and simple looks that most can pull off with the right effort.


Shirt, v-neck, maybe even go for a tie, some shorts and some nice loafers or shoes to match. Here’s a pink cashmere jersey v-neck from Ralph Lauren. It’s nice, don’t you think?


Baby blue crew neck, a shirt and some faded pink shorts. Great combination for those summer evening parties, and of course, you can wear it with a sports jacket. I like this combination of softer colores. Myself, I like softer colors for summer.


As of shoes, I like the Sebago Docksides’. Simple and summer’ish. Either color works for me.



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The layout of the covers of Vogue has changed dramatically since its launch. What I noticed when I browsed the covers of Vogue through almost 100 years, is that the font of the header has changed so many times. The following pictures are scans of my favorite covers of British Vogue.


This is the early january edition from 1917. Pretty plain and simple. This is a cover for Grace Coddington, look at that cat. FYI: Early Vogue covers tended to bear little relation to the central themes they promosed. Minimal use of coverlines.


June edition from 1930. I just loved this drawn cover, its simplicity, the lady and the car. And what I noticed, was the font and the layout of the header. Special, huh?


June 1950 cover. B&W theme. Photograph by Irving Penn. Model: Jean Patchett


Fur. On the cover of a magazine. YEY! Cover of ’69. FYI: For Vogue, a startled Patti Boyd in an outsize fur cossack hat, represented the quintessential Englishwoman, but what you always have to remember, is that fur can come from companies that are not making coats etc. within the ethical part of the industry. That is why I support OA – Origin Assured, an organization that protects the rights – and assures that the fur wearing the OA logo originates from a country where national or local regulations or standards governing fur production are in force.


Guess who’s the fashion editor! …Grace Coddington of course! I love this picture. FYI: The photographer, Paolo Roversi, was probably the first ever to use the 10x8in polaroid film, the peculiar tones and the unpredictable color balance, which gave the pictures an almost impressionistic sensibility.


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Take the test at style.com by clicking the image, and tell me what the result was!


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