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This journey, my journey, started back in october of 2009, when I decided to start a blog, a place where I could write and share my inner thoughts about the past and the present fashion. Back when I started it, I had no intention of going to the place I am now, I had no hopes of growing this big. When I started this story by saying it has been a journey, I really meant it.

It was after a few weeks with daily updates, that I really understood what I had started, and where I could go. I had thought to myself that it would be hard to be part of this fashion blog sphere, and I knew that I needed a niche to survive. No later than a few days after I first realized, I had found my niche. I love writing, and what better way than to be part of this fashion sphere, than to share the information of important fashion personalities through interviews. Yes, I’m big when it comes to interviews. By now, I’ve done interviews with Bengt Enrique, the mastermind behind the success I LVOE LV, James Andrew of What is James Wearing?, and even big fashion designers and models alike. Most recent interview, is with the norwegian super model Anette Stai.

As well as having an average of 9,5 million readers a month, I have been recognized for my efforts in this fashion blogging sphere, by celebrities and designers, most recently by Grace Coddington, the Creative Director of American Vogue, and Greek fashion designer Vassilios Kostetsos, going as far as calling my blog an “uber blog.”

I am very grateful and thankful for my followers, and for the people that recognize my work. It was no later than last night that the marketing team of a famous brand contacted me, because I had written that their collection was a total disaster. They didn’t want me saying that, but I take it as a compliment. I’m beginning to realize myself, where I’m at, and where I’m headed.

Thank you all for supporting me this far, and I hope you will continue to drop by.

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