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Oslo Fashion Week tries so hard to live up to the standards of the international fashion weeks, but is, nor will never be as good as for example New York, Paris or Milan.

And today, I was even more shocked. Oslo Fashion Week officially stated that fur is forbidden on the catwalk, and that the OFW-scene is a fur free zone. Blimey! ”Look at me, I’m trendy for wearing fake fur, and I’m wearing it just because celebs are payed for being against real fur!”

READ UP ASSHOLES, stop this stupidity!

I can’t say how tired I am of this discussion. /fyl (fuckyourlife)

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First of all, let’s start this discussion with a comment from my side: I would rather wear fur than go naked. I’m quite frankly tired of the fur discussion that has been going on for years now, driven by the violent PETA and other organizations for the so-called humane treatment of animals.

I do agree with them, that animals should be treated humanely, but as long as there are good regulations and the regulations stop the tormenting and bad treatment of animals, I really don’t see the problem. It’s a simple case:

The fur debate is an eternal ongoing pain in the ass. Why? Because PETA would rather kill a human being for wearing fur, just because a news reporter found one incident of bad treatment.

Close down the fur industry? Hell no, I’d like to see the earth blow up before that happens. Why? Because it’s pure stupidity to fuck up the lives of people that actually follow the local regulations for fur production, just because of one incident. If you’re a PETA member and reading this:

I’d like to forward you to a website that I’m a supporter of; Origin Assured. I support a rational use of natural resources, not using a bat to beat a human being for using them.

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