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Polo Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren cable knit cashmere sweater with ribbed collar, cuffs and hem. In soft grey, this cashmere sweater will make a versatile addition to a well-stocked knitwear wardrobe. Neutral tones will accent the subtle shade.

Leather iPad case from Valextra with interior flap, logo and elasticated closing band. This vibrant apple green accessory is handcrafted to the highest standard. Around the meeting table, it will make a discreet style statement.

Tan perforated leather gloves from Dents with cream cotton crochet on the back hand and thumb. These expertly crafted gloves will lend refinement to everyday dress. Team with a formal look for timelessly elegant style.

Blue, grey, cream and red fringed wool snowflake scarf from Drakes. In heavyweight wool with a festive design, this classic piece is the ultimate winter accessory. Layered over a chunky jacket, it’s a perfect look for an outdoor adventure.

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So, a few days ago, Hermès showed their S/S 2011 menswear collection by designer Véronique Nichanian. I got really exited when I first saw the collection, the whiteness really worked for me. It screams “I’m a summer outfit, WEAR ME NOW!”

The incredible whiteness of the outfits that opened and closed the show to the incredible lightness of a coat, a jacket, and windbreaker cut from a material called “technical madras”—so fine it was almost sheer. Then there were the shorts, the sandals, the summer skins, and the requisite accent of intense color (here a green that Nichanian called mint, but was more emerald).

“Lightweight” pants, white of course, with a Hermèsque cardigan and scarf. There’s a brown belt hiding under there, but I can’t make a statement on something I can’t see clearly.

Again, white subpart topped off with a cardigan and a sweater, both in earth tones. I really dig this look! <3

I’m gonna need to get me a pair of these pants. Personally, I wouldn’t wear white pants, but that’s simply because I would spill something on them. These brown toned pants are perfect for me. I also love this sports coat. The tie screams Burberry to me, not Hermès.

And of course the designer, Véronique Nichanian!

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This really is an honor. SVA Magazine asked me to be the first to ever show case their newest addition, the fourth magazine, and a cover with Josephine De La Baume. De La Baume is an IT girl with Tess Management London, and girlfriend of Mark Ronson. And for those of you that doesn’t know SVA Magazine, here’s a wee bit of information: SVA is a pure high fashion magazine. SVA keeps a close eye on Scandinavian fashion, photography, fashion in motion and design. It’s distributed internationally, and it’s a window from the north.

“Hailed as an it girl with a distinct sense of style, Josephine de La Baume divides her time between New York and Paris and leaves her mark wherever she goes. Good friends with Harley Viera-Newton, de La Baume stands on her own as both an actress and style icon. Josephine fill us in on her love of Rick Owens, Diane Lane, and a good pair of colored socks.”

The cover of this edition of the magazine. Beautiful, no? Beautiful dress, and great effects! I love how she looks at the camera, she’s kind of giving us a “dark” look? Perfect for the cover anyway. (Click image to enlarge)

Photo of De La Baume. Q: Would you be able to stand still on these stilettos at a shoot? She’s goooooood. I really love that they use these kinds of effects, it really makes the pictures more alive in a sense. I really LVoe this one! (Click image to enlarge)

I think this is my favorite picture. I can’t always tell why I like something, but there’s a great connection between it and the headline. I don’t know, it’s dark, but at the same time very loving. I love the angle. To me, this is a very strong picture. (Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

I can’t express my gratitude towards SVA for giving me the pictures, and for having me show them for the first time to the public. The shots are amazing, and I’d say they go with the headline, no? They are having their release party for this edition on friday, and I’m invited. Will I be there? Yes, and I’ll try to snap some shots, maybe even do a blog about it.

Photo: Svein Bringsdal, Styling: Amar Faiz, Makeup: Rikke Straus, Hair: Rodolfo Z


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I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there. Are you having a hard time paying the bills, and shopping fashion at the same time? Let me tell you about something called a low-budget fashionista. Most of us, if not all, have been in a situation where the money just doesn’t go as far as we want it to. The problem as I see it, is that we still want to look presentable, no?

I’m a big fan of a blog called Street Etiquette. These two men manages to mix expensive labels with less expensive labels, f.ex Ralph Lauren with Uniqlo. The highs with the lows.


Click the image to see Street Etiquette.

The first step in the right direction, is to shop at these “big”-name shops like Hennes & Mauritz, Zara, Uniqlo and J. Crew. These stores imitate if you will, the same designs as the luxury brands, and for half the price or more, you can get an item looking the same, and in most cases you will. But be careful, these cheap clothes might not have the same fit. Mix and match, and you have a good outfit!

Which store does what best?

Uniqlo does slim-cut cotton suits and jackets; cashmere and merino wool sweaters in every imaginable color. J.Crew does plaid, chambray, and denim shirts. (Think weekend, not work.) Preppy American suits, updated for the cool guy. H&M does tapered dress shirts and smart suits for the office. Topman is for the young and trendy at heart, with a constantly replenished stock.

What are your other options?

Sample- and outlet sale! Just browse the newspaper or magazines for information on the next sample/outlet sale close to you. You can get a lot of clothes, the big brands, and a reduced price. I’ve seen price reductions as high as 70% on Ralph Lauren and Burberry. Just be there early, the small sizes disappear the fastest!


Here’s a sale calendar provided by GQ.


So kids, what did we learn today? Mix the highs with the lows, and you’ve got your own, personal style – on a budget!


Inspiration: GQ
Picture(s): GQ, Street Etiquette
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I recently read an article on the 50 most stylish actors of the last century, and I decided to make my own list of 10 stylish men of the past, that I have a relationship to.

The list of 10 stylish men of the past

#1 Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart was an American actor, and a cultural icon. I remember him from High Sierra, the Maltese Falcon, and of course, Casablanca! I think what makes me remember him, is that he always looked so well put together, always making a relaxed atmosphere. Someone obviously agreed with me, he’s featured in the Hollywood walk of fame.


#2 Jimmy Stewart

This American actor is probably most known for his self-effacing persona, and starring in the films we now consider “classics.” What many people don’t know, is that he had a noted military career, rising to the rank of Brigadier General, carrying many medals for his WWII and Vietnam efforts.


#3 James Dean

We didn’t get the chance to see this personality as much as the rest of the list. Unfortunately, Dean died in a car accident at the age of 24.


#4 Marcello Mastroianni

Google pictures of Marcello Mastroianni and tell me what you see. If you don’t see the same gentleman as me, you’ve done something wrong! I found a well dressed Marcello, both old and young, as well of pictures from his screens. I don’t understand Italian, but I’ve seen Used People, an American romantic comedy, starring Kathy Bates, Shirley MacLaine and Marcello.


#5 Marlon Brando

Marlon died not too long ago, and had a career spanning over half a century! As well as being an actor, he was an activist, supporting many causes, notably The American Civil Rights and various American Indian Movements. Are you trying to figure out where you’ve seen him before? Jor-El of Superman!


#6 Peter O’Toole

Peter O’Toole, with his impeccable style, whether it’s playing in Lawrence of Arabia, or the Pope in The Tudors, he always appealed to me as a gentleman, a real gentleman of the old kind.


#7 Richard Burton


#8 Sean Connery

Of course Sir Sean Connery is on the list, he is after all the synonym to elegance and quintessentially British. He has also been one of my favorite actors since for ever I saw him in Darby O’Gill and the little people, a Disney film from 1958. He has also starred in another BIG movie success, James Bond, and I hear that only elegant and quintessentially British-looking actors are allowed access to the club. He’s not of the past, but at the same time he is, so he deserves to be on the list.


#9 Warren Beatty

I remember Warren from Bonnie and Clyde, one of those classics that you never forget.


#10 William Holden



Picture(s): From GQ’s archive
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I was recently invited to a showing of the spring fashion from the two best selling stores in the 3rd biggest mall in Norway, Miss Daisy and Frøken Pedersen.

Both Miss Daisy and Frøken Pedersen sell clothes for women over 30, but if you look closer, there are a lot of individual items that would look cool on a younger group of people as well.

Pt. 1. Credit: Sara Caroline Dahlstrøm

Pt. 2 Credit: Sara Caroline Dahlstrøm

There were a lot of cool clothes for women in the 30+ category, and like I said, a lot of the individual pieces can be worn by a younger generation as well, there’s nothing wrong in mixing and matching.


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