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So, I’m off the coast of Africa for two weeks, and I decided to do a post on what to wear on the beach. Excuse my lingo, but fat german men with boobs and chavy british tourists aren’t exactly inspiring, but I’ve been trying to keep you posted as often as I possible can.

“Once in a while, out of the regular ready-to-wear cycle, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel lead the fashion pack to a place of fantasia, a total-immersion experience where the meaning of “croisière’” is at its most glamorous.

“This is one of the most beautiful places in the world, no?” Lagerfeld said, sitting on a deck overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc in Antibes, the playground of the rich since the 1920s, and the setting he chose to place “resort” back in one of its original settings on the French Riviera. “This hotel is flawlessly kept, and there is a different dress code here. One has to dress to match the yachts. It cannot be sloppy,” he remarked. “But I didn’t want to do anything retro. People have never had as much money here as they do at the moment, and this is about how to spend your money but spend it in style.”

As he spoke, the sun was setting, shedding a pink light over a pale-blue sea. “This is the time of day when you can tell real diamonds from fake,” Lagerfeld observed. “And here, they are real.”

The Chanel diamonds to which he was referring—shooting stars, feathers, and pins from the fine jewelry collection—were pinned liberally to the shoulders and necklines of narrow mimosa-yellow and lavender tweed suits, the vivid colors reminiscent of the early-blooming flowers to be seen in the South of France.

That was just for starters, though, for as the show progressed, it became one of Lagerfeld’s narratives, with girls seeming to be making their way up from the beach in swimsuits, covered up with Chanel jackets or black and white cashmere wraps, and moving along a garden runway. Kristen McMenamy was among the models—storming along and surrounded by men—in a kind of live trailer for the movie Lagerfeld was about to screen for more 300 guests at a party come nightfall.

And that’s where the serious reveling began. The film (starring McMenamy, Amanda Harlech, Anna Mouglalis, and a cast of Chanel friends) was a drama about inheritances, sparring ex-wives, house parties, casinos, and a soupçon of lesbianism. After that, the party continued with a set from Bryan Ferry, followed by dancing until sunrise among a crowd highly reluctant to wend its way back to reality.”-Vogue

Any woman planning to visit a resort at the same time that resort collections hit stores would be wise to check out Tomas Maier’s selection for Bottega Veneta. There are trunks-worth of elegant, escapist clothes: silky T-shirts in primitive stripes paired with pajama-style pants, lightweight safari-style jackets in canvas and silk, breezy sleeveless dresses in turquoise or hot pink. Then again, a minimalist might argue that all she would need in her carryon is the sophisticated bandeau swimsuit in a subtle brown print with matching cardigan plus maybe the thin belt with tiger shell closure, and away she flies.

There are options, too, for the woman who prefers to stick closer to home in the winter. “Bright color can lift you up when the city is sad and melancholic,” Maier says, holding up a magenta shift with a few slightly unfinished ruffles down the front. “You’d just wear this with a coat on top.” (The double-breasted jacket in iridescent leather would be a good choice.) Or add tights, he suggests, to his heavy silk, pale taupe dress. Not rocket science, surely, but it shows that Maier is aware that the fantasy of fashion must sometimes acknowledge the practicality of reality. “It’s buy now, wear now,” he says.

The same goes for accessories, and Maier’s offerings here are as strong as ever. (If you ever wondered how many ways there are to weave leather, he’s the person to ask.) The bags come big or small, in a mix of leather and rope, or treated so that when it’s crunched, the shape stays. Squishing the side of a brown tote, he says, “If something’s not worn in, it doesn’t look like it belongs to the girl.”-Vogue
Chanel and Bottega were my favorite 2012 resort collections. Earthly tones, texture, simple, yet so elegant and expressing. Chin, chin, bottoms up, wherever you are, there is never an excuse to look like a damn fool. Ugly is free, but good feels so much better. And remember, nothing looks as good, as skinny feels. Keep off that t-bone steak those Turkish, Spanish, or Italian waiters offer you on the street.

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Q: Everywhere you go, people still want to know: Who makes the pink hat I see everywhere?

A: Maison Michel, and its name is felt trilby.

Chanel two-piece suit, Maison Michel felt trilby hat, vintage Dior sunglasses from the 60′s (I’m guessing)

What are you waiting for? Go get your MM hat!

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I <3 Gabrielle.

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The market for fashion films has grown the last few years, starting with the The Devil Wears Prada, and maybe the newest addition, The September Issue. We all like to get a peek inside the world of fashion, and I think these films enlighten most of us as well, with information never shared before. Anna Wintour has been Nuclear Wintour for quite some time now, reflecting her stone-face like appearance, but The September Issue really gave me a taste of her. She’s not the heartless person everyone wants her to be, Anna is in fact very friendly! So, fashion films are definitely a nice addition to the movie industry.

Karl Lagerfeld, King and Emperor of Chanel, recently joined this industry, and can now put Director on his resumé. Remember nowfeaturesFrench screen icons Pascal Gregory and Elisa Sednaoui, a photogenic couple whose love life descends into a glorious orgy of camellias, nubile models, resort locations and emotive stares. Tune in at chanel-news.com to watch the fashionably intriguing screening!

Karl waving and thinking “See you there!”

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Anna is all about texture, texture is important to Grace when she does her shoots, and every designer strive to live up to the expectations of this small clique. Why? Either you’re in or you’re out.

Texture in fashion refers to the properties held and sensations caused by the external surface of an attire, either received through viewing or the sense of touch.


Christian Lacroix Couture collection 2008.


Versace RTW collection 2008.


Koi Suwannagate RTW collection 2008.


Bottega Veneta RTW collection 2008.


Chanel Couture collection 2010.

Well, to be frank, it IS all about texture. A design with no texture is boring, dull, it’s not exiting, it’s not flattering. It’s all about texture! Okay, a design without texture is difficult, they all use fabrics, doi! But it has to be exiting! Mohair, marbled cotton tulle, leather, linen, lace, lamé, bouclé, cloqué, yarn, python, illusion, iridescent, wool, and chiffon. All of this woven, twisted and patched together, that’s textuer! And from suede to coyote to leather, twill, felt, fox, satin, python and cavalry twill! Okay, I know everyone doesn’t have this kind of budget, but in the words of Tim Gunn «Make it work!»


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Bangles from Frey Wille. All jewelry from £999.


Jewelry from Picchiotti.


Watch from Chanel.


Louis Vuitton.


Dolce & Gabbana.

Inspired? Enjoy!


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