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Q: Everywhere you go, people still want to know: Who makes the pink hat I see everywhere?

A: Maison Michel, and its name is felt trilby.

Chanel two-piece suit, Maison Michel felt trilby hat, vintage Dior sunglasses from the 60′s (I’m guessing)

What are you waiting for? Go get your MM hat!

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I’m not one to spread rumors, but it so happens that I might have intel! A facebook update on Carine’s private profile shows she now works as a stylist for the House of Christian Dior. √Čtonnamment!

The Fashionista

Spread the word, and let’s hope it’s true!

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John Galliano, the Christian Dior couture designer, surprised big with his fall 2010 collection! Even though these dresses looks like some flowers from outer space, kind of alienesque, Galliano used hours and hours studying the smallest thing, to get inspiration for the collection. He studied the light change of a parrot tulip for instance.

Like I said, very alienesque, but you can also see that detailing and thought behind the design derives from a flower. Great color, great dimensional daywear from Galliano. It’s a masterpiece.

What a freakishly lovable shade of blue! The silhouette = A+++

Did you notice the headgear? It was created by Stephen Jones, to resemble a florist’s plastic wrap. Looks great, doesn’t it? Now, I can imagine the work behind this dress. Hours and hours in the detailing. It’s stunning, really.

This is my fav from the collection. It screams “beat this”, and there’s really none like it. The dying on the thin, thin chiffon is just marv.

Monsieur Galliano himself. Gotta love the Jack Sparrow x Elisabeth Bennet (P&P). I think he did well, 3x hurray!

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Okay, I’m kind of disappointed with the resort collection from Dior. Usually, they do a good collection, cute dresses and all that jazz, but 2011 is gonna be sooo boring… Fine, they added some flower prints, which obviously are selling loads this year, but boring cuts and boring designs. I don’t care if they’re cute, they’re booooring.

See what I’m saying? Out of 50 looks, these four dresses are the only designs that give me that resort feeling. Resort to me is about simplicity. Would you spend a summer in St-Tropez with a frock? Didn’t think so. Disappointing, Galliano… Very!

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